The New Shape of Speed
Specialized isn’t satisfied with second fastest—why else would we have our own Win Tunnel and an “Aero is Everything” design philosophy? We live and breathe aero, but this Venge is so much more. The frame is lighter than a Tarmac SL5 Disc, more aerodynamic than the Venge ViAS, built to handle on a razor’s edge with a Rider-First Engineered™ design—it’s everything an aero bike should be, and damn it’s fast.
Rider-First Engineered™
Just like the Tarmac, the Venge has a Rider-First Engineered™ design that tailors each frame to the perfect compliance, handling, and stiffness qualities. This design makes sure that every frame performs flawlessly, regardless of its size, and this is done through a mix of extensive data acquisition, expert feedback from professional riders, and an absurdly meticulous approach to carbon construction. But you’ll never notice all that when you’re riding—it just feels like the perfect bike.
An Integrated Cockpit
The new Venge now features a modular cockpit that’s faster and more slippery in the wind, significantly lighter, stiff enough for the world’s fastest sprinters, and easy to set up to your personal preferences. Specialized pro teams only asked for something stiff—no surprise there—but they couldn’t help but over deliver. In fact, they even took race travel into account, here, so the new cockpit easily packs-up for plane cases and bike bags.