Its getting busy on the tracks!

Cooler weather and more interest in the sport of cycling means that our cycling tracks are getting busier. This is great!

Here are some tips to ensure your ride is pleasant and safe:

  • Carry your spares – tubes, CO2, pump, tire levers, phone. You will be self sufficient and even better can help someone in trouble. Good vibes.


  • Plan your ride – know who you are riding with and remember that others have done the same. Keep to your group and pace.


  • Share the path and remember to always let faster riders pass – If you are passing, give a vocal so that people ahead can hear you before. We suggest a nice shiny Knog bell!


  • Smile and say hello – we are all in it together and want to make the most of our ride.


  • If you want to know your pace, cadence, heart rate, power and speed to really manage your fitness training, consider Garmin Edge 530 and Favero Pedals. Yes its a sales pitch but diagnostics are important if you want stats.


  • Let there be light – Its both a safety item for you and oncoming riders. Let there be light.