Learn How Often To Service Your Bike & New Bike Maintenance Tips!

One of the biggest questions we get in our stores is, when should I get my bike serviced? How often should I service my bike? 

  • 2 months – First service FREE
  •  5 months – Tune up
  •  8 months – The Annual service
  • 12 months – The Deluxe service

A regular schedule of maintenance (monthly, weekly or more often depending on your type of riding) is important. If you spend a lot of time riding in wet, muddy conditions, or if you ride hard, fast and often, plan to clean your bike more frequently.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for the telltale signs that your bike might need a service.

Telltale signs that your bike is due for a service:

1. Squeaking Bike Chain
A squeaking chain can be a sign of insufficient lubrication

2. Grinding Noises
Grinding, skipping or clicking noises from the gears indicate that they need adjustment

3. Bike Chain Slippage
Your bike chain should never fall off the sprocket; if it does, your derailleurs may need adjustment

4. Hard To Brake
Brake should engage smoothly and quietly, with only a short pull on the lever

5. Rattles
Any rattles, wobbles or creaks should be investigated early; usually it’s an easy fix, but best to catch it early!
If you’re seeing any of these signs, it may be time for a service or a tune-up.