Our Group Rides

Tuesday NAS Ride – 8:00 PM

Come and join us every Tuesday at 8 pm on  NAS Road Ride.

We’re going to increase distance each Tuesday, starting from 45 KM — 55 KM — 65 KM

Make sure you have your lights with you or book one of KNOG or EXPOSURE lights at The Cycle Hub for a test!

See you at NAS Cycling Track at 7:45 PM.

Wednesday Night Autodrome

The Dubai Autodrome opens up every Wednesday evening to all cycling enthusiasts. The 2.5KM track makes for a great variation in your normal training regime as you experience the bends, dips and rises of the track. You can do as many laps as you like as the track is open from 18:00 – 21:00.
Also join us on Ladies Social Ride with our ladies from The Cycle Hub!

If you’re interested to join but don’t have a bike yet, you can always hire a bike from us.

After your ride, make sure to join us at The Cycle Bistro for a 60 AED Paleo Roast Dinner.

Saturday Morning Al Qudra Road Ride – 6:30 AM

Join us every Saturday morning by the first car park at Al Qudra Cycle Course.
You have three rides to choose from:

36 km – 6.00 am Beginners (New riders/steady pace)
58 km – 6.00 am Intermediate (intermediate/advance riders)
85 km – 6.00 am Advance (Advanced riders)
102 km – 5.30 am Advance (Advanced riders)

The average speed will be determined by the number of riders in each group on the day.

You are welcome to  join us at The Cycle Bistro after the ride for your FREE coffee!